Thursday 23rd of November 2017

Park Days

I mentioned to a (nonhomeschooler) friend that the most frequently asked question about homeschooling relates to socialization. She said "Well - that is probably because people are concerned that homeschooled kids won't be ready for corporate America." I didn't tell her this, but a big reason people choose homeschooling is to ensure their kids will have a well-rounded education they are excited about. An education focused on grooming people to enter corporate America is not as appealing to some as it is to others.

Critics of homeschooling complain that children need the socialization provided by traditional school. But homeschooling families know better. From their vantage point, homeschooled children are actively engaged in the “real world” – far more so than children who are in classrooms 6 or 7 hours of the day and then go home to do homework.  

Homeschooling doesn’t mean the students are cooped up at home, isolated from the world – actually, the opposite is true. Homeschooled children often participate in project-based learning, which requires them to venture out into their communities. Other opportunities for socialization are provided by clubs such as Scouts and 4H, music and art lessons, dancing and gymnastics, sports at the YMCA - plus, homeschool parents pool their resources and organize classes, field trips, and other activities.

Park Days are a great way to connect with other homeschoolers. To get the latest information about San Diego Park Days, join the San Diego Homeducation Yahoo Group. Park Days are important for making friends, networking, collaborating on classes and co-ops, and much more!