Thursday 23rd of November 2017

San Diego Homeschool Community

The San Diego Homeschool Community page is still under construction. One of the elements I want to include in the interactive forum I am installing, is homeschool family-owned businesses, and homebased businesses.

I have been researching the subject and especially delving into unique ways of earning income. I wanted to share a link I came across. I can't tell yet if it really works, but if they do what they say they do, this is awesome for anyone who likes to give reviews and fill out surveys. Click here and see if SendEarningsĀ® is something you are interested in. I'm still trying to figure out if this site actually does what it says it does. If it does - i.e., if it actually does pay money for taking surveys and giving opinions, it is definitely something I want to share with my friends.

Another way to connect with the San Diego homeschooling community is to join the San Diego Home Education Yahoo group. Click here for detailed conversations that cover every aspect of homeschooling plus encouragement, which you might not find from your own friends and family members.


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