Thursday 23rd of November 2017

About Us

I first heard about homeschooling from my friend, Christine Kuglen, an advocate of homeschooling and alternative education, who eventually started Innovations Academy. Christine and I met over 18 years ago, when my son and her oldest child were babies. When my son was 4, I unexpectedly became a single mother and had to go back to work full time. By time my son was in second grade, I knew he should be homeschooled. But he was never onboard with it. If my son ever said "yes, homeschooling is what I want," Christine would have taken him under her wing. But my son would not consider it and sadly, I was not one of those moms who pulls a fabulous home-based business out of a hat and can do everything.

My son ended up going to a different school every year, starting in 5th grade. He went to two creative and performing arts schools and in between, he went to neighborhood public schools. It was a living nightmare. Despite his gifted status in San Diego Unified, we just couldn't get a break. He started 10th grade at the neighborhood school, which started out well as it always does. But suddenly, he was failing chemestry and the whole thing went to hell in a handbasket. He transferred to The Charter School of San Diego, which is part of San Diego Unified but allows students to work from home and go at their own pace, as long as they make an effort to keep going forward. The curriculum was daunting for the first year or so. But with the support and encouragement of the staff, my son eventually realized he could do the work and he is now looking forward to going to college.